The Fourth Day of Christmas: Crooked Kingdom

I decided to read Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo after being moderately impressed with Six of Crows, and being kind of dragged into the imagination of the Shadow and Bone Netflix series. Having vaguely known that Crooked Kingdom had something to do with the dreggy Crows managing to stage a market coup, I was sufficiently… Continue reading The Fourth Day of Christmas: Crooked Kingdom

Fallen Favourites: when a book you loved becomes a book that’s “meh”

As a book person, I have created various iterations of “my favourite books” lists over the years. A favourite book had to be somehow incredible: it had to make me actually cry, or laugh out loud consistently, or wow me with its whole tone and writing, in addition to being a good story with some… Continue reading Fallen Favourites: when a book you loved becomes a book that’s “meh”

A Tale of Sprites and Goblins: Books Inspired by Shakespeare

There is probably no English author quite as well known by reputation as Shakespeare. The only others who could come close would probably be Chaucer, Dickens, and more recently, Agatha Christie. But for a playwright with such a firm position in the annals of English literature and a reputation as “serious literature for serious people,”… Continue reading A Tale of Sprites and Goblins: Books Inspired by Shakespeare

Twilight: So Sparkling Bright

As a rule, I am impatient with the gaggle of quirky, silly sidekicks that populate many books and movies for the sole function of comic relief. Fantasy books are particularly egregious offenders in this regard because there is an abundance of lesser creatures that can be employed as throwaway comic characters with funny speech patterns… Continue reading Twilight: So Sparkling Bright

Elsa, I think

I can’t believe this fall is coming without it being associated with school starting for me. It’s the first time in four years that’s happened! Woo-woo, 2020 university graduate! But even before that, in the years I was finishing highschool, fall was not exclusively school time, nor was it quite the same as anticipating going… Continue reading Elsa, I think

7 YA Book Series I Actually Got Into

Once upon a time, in days gone by, while I was still doing high school, I read books that interested me while they still interested me. There were times I actually read hyped books before the hype died down. Crazy, right? So here are 7 YA series I actually read all of. 1. Inkworld by… Continue reading 7 YA Book Series I Actually Got Into

Inception’s alternate title: The Dream Thieves

I'm re-reading the Raven Cycle by Maggie Steifvater right now. For a long time, I've had this comparison in my head between the second book, The Dream Thieves, and this scene from Inception. In The Dream Thieves, Ronan has the ability to pull objects and creatures out of his dreams and give them form in… Continue reading Inception’s alternate title: The Dream Thieves