A Tale of Sprites and Goblins: Books Inspired by Shakespeare

There is probably no English author quite as well known by reputation as Shakespeare. The only others who could come close would probably be Chaucer, Dickens, and more recently, Agatha Christie. But for a playwright with such a firm position in the annals of English literature and a reputation as “serious literature for serious people,”… Continue reading A Tale of Sprites and Goblins: Books Inspired by Shakespeare

Twilight: So Sparkling Bright

As a rule, I am impatient with the gaggle of quirky, silly sidekicks that populate many books and movies for the sole function of comic relief. Fantasy books are particularly egregious offenders in this regard because there is an abundance of lesser creatures that can be employed as throwaway comic characters with funny speech patterns… Continue reading Twilight: So Sparkling Bright

10 Recommended Plays: 100 Books to Read #2

"The Play is the thing." While not originally reading material (unless we wanted to discuss Restoration closet dramas, which I don't), it is undeniable that plays, particularly Shakespeare's, are commonly found in literature courses. Despite being intended for performance, plays in printed form can stand up as fascinating reading material as well. Taking two terms… Continue reading 10 Recommended Plays: 100 Books to Read #2

On-line English Literature Discussion: Shakespeare’s Dark Knight

In my first year of university, our English professor had us participate in an on-line discussion group about the texts we studied, providing us with different questions or topics to discuss. When we studied Shakespeare's Othello, the topic was the obscure motivation of Iago in his quest to bring Othello down. The professor wanted to… Continue reading On-line English Literature Discussion: Shakespeare’s Dark Knight