‘Absent from everything most densely real’

Recently, I recognized a pattern of thought and behaviour in myself: I am long past mentally finished with a position or situation in life by the time I actually change it. I'm currently in that mental space of being prepared to be somewhere else, while still showing up where I'm currently committed to. I can… Continue reading ‘Absent from everything most densely real’

Taking the Temperature of a Society: Fahrenheit 451 Review

A philosophic aside If something is not untrue, is that the same as saying it is true? Let me provide a parallel example: if someone is not wrong, does that mean they are right? I'm fairly confident anyone with the slightest degree of ability to grasp nuance of language would instinctively, if not confidently, say… Continue reading Taking the Temperature of a Society: Fahrenheit 451 Review

6 More Shows: The Two-Hit Wonders

New TV shows are coming out and getting cancelled faster than anyone can watch them, it seems. Or, on the flip side, you hear of some show that you forgot existed ever since you heard about the plot twist ending of season two that fans were up in arms about however many years ago, now… Continue reading 6 More Shows: The Two-Hit Wonders

Playing a Game of Twenty-One: Glenn Gould Biography Review

Blurb for Extraordinary Canadians: Glenn Gould by Mark Kingwell Glenn Gould, one of the twentieth century’s most renowned classical musicians, was also known as an eccentric genius—solitary, headstrong, a hypochondriac virtuoso. Abandoning stage performances in 1964, Gould concentrated instead on mastering various media: recordings, radio, television, and print. His sudden death at age fifty stunned… Continue reading Playing a Game of Twenty-One: Glenn Gould Biography Review

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week: Blog (and Life) Update

Lately, I have not been feeling A-OK. I have not even been feeling just "OK," nevermind the "A" part. "Fine" as a back-up term is usually fittingly nondescript and noncommital but even it has not been able to save me this week. Also, I ran out of coffee on Monday. Not saying I was suffering… Continue reading The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week: Blog (and Life) Update

Bildungsromanesque: The Green Years Review

This review is on a book called The Green Years. Today is Earth Day. Call it serendipity and on with the review. Blurb for The Green Years by A.J. Cronin The Green Years is a 1944 novel by A. J. Cronin which traces the formative years of an Irish orphan, Robert Shannon, who is sent… Continue reading Bildungsromanesque: The Green Years Review

I Am Writing This Letter: The History of Emily Montague Review

Blurb for The History of Emily Montague by Frances Brooke Set in Quebec City immediately after Wolfe's conquest, this charming love story depicts in intimate detail the life of that city's early English inhabitants. It is a comedy of manners played against a backdrop of the rugged scenery of the New World, a world in… Continue reading I Am Writing This Letter: The History of Emily Montague Review

Obscure Tolkien for Tolkien Reading Day

In honour of Tolkien Reading Day, I thought I would just make a quick listing and mini-reviews of a few of J.R.R. Tolkien's more obscure works that I have read. Living in the literary/reading/Christian (alternately: nerdy) circles that I do, it is hard for me to single out many of Tolkien's works as "obscure," but… Continue reading Obscure Tolkien for Tolkien Reading Day

The Saint Patrick’s Day Post: Celtic Pocket Guides Review

I'll be the first to admit I'm not always enchanted with the content that WordPress pushes at me. Not just what it pushes at me, but what I actively seek out is sometimes predictable and uninspiring. I attribute this to WordPress's unhelpful search engine, the unintuitive way following tags works, and probably my own ineptitude… Continue reading The Saint Patrick’s Day Post: Celtic Pocket Guides Review