Fishing for Red Herrings: Moriarty Book Review

Moriarty by Anthony HorowitzMy rating: 3 of 5 stars2.5 stars.I really liked this book the first time I read it. I liked the ending—I appreciated how unapologetically villainous Moriarty was. It was a breath of fresh air—“and [I] shot him in the head.” Very in keeping with the pragmatism of a man calculating enough to… Continue reading Fishing for Red Herrings: Moriarty Book Review

Re-Read to Weed (but also just to re-read)

I’m a chronic re-reader. I can’t not have the desire to revisit books I have previously enjoyed. Particularly when I have a stack of unread books in queue waiting for more of my attention than just an occasional dusting. Part of this liking for re-reading books feeds into my need to own all the books.… Continue reading Re-Read to Weed (but also just to re-read)

WWW Wednesday: Re-reading Edition

This is a book blogging deal hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words which I am participating in. My version of this today is going to be narrowed to my re-reading activity (which has been extensive of late). I'm re-reading many books from my shelves in order to remind myself of why… Continue reading WWW Wednesday: Re-reading Edition