5 Books With “Green” in Their Titles

It’s a shameless shtick, I know, to make a post about green on St. Patrick’s Day. However, I’ve thought about making posts about books with colours in their titles for a long time, so I might as well take advantage of the coincident events to start with books I’ve read with the colour “green” in… Continue reading 5 Books With “Green” in Their Titles

The Eleventh Day of Christmas: Trickster Drift & Return of the Trickster

When I read the first book of this trilogy, Son of a Trickster, by Eden Robinson with its snarky voicing and wacky scenarios, I really enjoyed it. The mysticism of the Native trickster Wee’git (who is also literally a “wee git”) is the starting point for a well-built urban fantasy story. Although the excessive substance… Continue reading The Eleventh Day of Christmas: Trickster Drift & Return of the Trickster

Elsa, I think

I can’t believe this fall is coming without it being associated with school starting for me. It’s the first time in four years that’s happened! Woo-woo, 2020 university graduate! But even before that, in the years I was finishing highschool, fall was not exclusively school time, nor was it quite the same as anticipating going… Continue reading Elsa, I think

Serial Killers: The Pros and Cons of Book Series

As a kid, most of what I read was part of a series. And did it ever suck when the library was missing some of the books. Now, for whatever reason, I don't read as many series. There are extensive series--particularly in the fantasy genre, it seems--yet most of the books that appeal to me… Continue reading Serial Killers: The Pros and Cons of Book Series

On-Line English Literature Discussion: Canadian Authors

Canadian literature. Yawn. Why are we like this? Probably because Canadian art, like that of other British Commonwealth nations, is a) recent: comparatively speaking to other literary traditions; b) slow to develop: why make your own art when your "mother" nation has a pre-established canon?; and c) difficult to maintain: why patronize upstarts when, again,… Continue reading On-Line English Literature Discussion: Canadian Authors