The Fox and the Hare: Recent Reads

After a bit of a disappointing waste of time reading some random books I browsed from my local library before Christmas, I decided I might as well stick to the books I know I actually want to read. And when they're not on the library shelves, that's what interlibrary loans were invented for. I've been… Continue reading The Fox and the Hare: Recent Reads

Zodiac Killer: Ninth House Review

Apropos of nothing, I discovered this week that the Sagittarius' ruling house is the ninth, whatever that means. I happen to be a Sagittarius, through no fault of my own, so I thought that piece of trivia fit nicely with me finally getting to reviewing Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo.

The Fourth Day of Christmas: Crooked Kingdom

I decided to read Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo after being moderately impressed with Six of Crows, and being kind of dragged into the imagination of the Shadow and Bone Netflix series. Having vaguely known that Crooked Kingdom had something to do with the dreggy Crows managing to stage a market coup, I was sufficiently… Continue reading The Fourth Day of Christmas: Crooked Kingdom