6 More Shows: The Two-Hit Wonders

New TV shows are coming out and getting cancelled faster than anyone can watch them, it seems. Or, on the flip side, you hear of some show that you forgot existed ever since you heard about the plot twist ending of season two that fans were up in arms about however many years ago, now… Continue reading 6 More Shows: The Two-Hit Wonders

6 Good Shows That I’m Sad Were Cancelled After One Season

Have you ever wondered why that show you loved, was unique, and had great characters or concepts got cancelled after one or two seasons? Especially while some high school drama that ran out of plot in its fourth year gets renewed for its twenty-second season with the original cast, now mid-fifties? Yeah, me neither. I've… Continue reading 6 Good Shows That I’m Sad Were Cancelled After One Season

The Picture of Sherlock Holmes

BBC's Sherlock/The Picture of Dorian Gray I'm a day late, but I thought this quote and picture set I made a while back would fit with Best Friends' Day. I got to spend the day yesterday with a great friend of mine. Whether they're your depressed artist friend, blogger/flatmate, or your archenemy/brother/"detested" relation, let your… Continue reading The Picture of Sherlock Holmes

Once Upon a Time: Hook or Crocodile?

The conflict between Rumplestiltskin and Killian Jones (a.k.a. Cpt. Hook) is a long one—several hundreds of years long, in fact. The way it began was fairly cut and dried, with Killian playing the role of the villain, and Rumple the victim. But it didn’t stay that way. When Rumple acquired the power of the Dark… Continue reading Once Upon a Time: Hook or Crocodile?

Belle Banishing the Beast (and why she shouldn’t have)

Over Christmas, I was thinking about watching some Once Upon a Time. It just feels like a Christmas sort of show. Having watched most of the series three times, "once upon a time" as a title doesn't express the half of it. I've watched it over with people just seeing it for the first time,… Continue reading Belle Banishing the Beast (and why she shouldn’t have)