This Land Is Your Land: House of Earth Review

I don't really know why I picked this up beyond a sense of curiosity and being in the mood for a bit of folksy literature. I knew of Woody Guthrie as a singer-songwriter... but I had no idea he was also a writer of prose and somewhat of an artist.

Classics Club Book List

So, after years of seeing the lists, the spins, the challenges, and the memes, I am finally joining the Classics Club! This is pretty big for me as I've had some bad experiences with booklists/challenges and vowed never to get myself into one again, but never say never, I guess. I actually feel good about… Continue reading Classics Club Book List

The Seventh Day of Christmas: After the Fireworks

Aldous Huxley is of course best known for his heart-chilling vision of a hellish dystopian future in Brave New World. I can’t say I really loved that novel, though I recognise its societal importance “so much the more as we see the day approaching,” so to speak. However, this selection of novellas by Huxley are… Continue reading The Seventh Day of Christmas: After the Fireworks