Red (Gail’s Version): 10 Books With “Red” in Their Titles

Happy Valentine's Day! Here I am again with a rather spurious attempt to be topical in my posts: ten books I have read with "red" in the title. Colour is an admittedly tenuous connection to make between these particular books and the feast of St. Valentine's, but it is a connection nonetheless. And I'm not… Continue reading Red (Gail’s Version): 10 Books With “Red” in Their Titles

Varicoloured Impressions: Red Rising Book Review

Red Rising by Pierce BrownMy rating: 4 of 5 stars4 stars evenI have mixed feelings about Red Rising, but because the predominant ones ended up being really positive, it gets a high rating. But I have to still address the dissenting impressions I had throughout: the main reason being that I felt like I was… Continue reading Varicoloured Impressions: Red Rising Book Review