The Saint Patrick’s Day Post: Celtic Pocket Guides Review

I'll be the first to admit I'm not always enchanted with the content that WordPress pushes at me. Not just what it pushes at me, but what I actively seek out is sometimes predictable and uninspiring. I attribute this to WordPress's unhelpful search engine, the unintuitive way following tags works, and probably my own ineptitude… Continue reading The Saint Patrick’s Day Post: Celtic Pocket Guides Review

Books that are “Wearin’ of the Green”☘️

Hi, I have failed to post a review yet this week and I am disinclined to do so. But it’s Saint Patrick’s Day and I got inspiration from an Instagram post by fellow blogger Becca @ Words and Other Malarky to do a green themed book shoot. I happen to have an abundance of green… Continue reading Books that are “Wearin’ of the Green”☘️