End It: Short Story, Long Story

It is a truth universally acknowledged that writers in possession of a good story must be in want of an equally good ending. In my own writing (and, I've been told, in many others' as well) the number of stories started is disproportionate to the number finished, regardless of polishing. Is it a sign of… Continue reading End It: Short Story, Long Story

Belle Banishing the Beast (and why she shouldn’t have)

Over Christmas, I was thinking about watching some Once Upon a Time. It just feels like a Christmas sort of show. Having watched most of the series three times, "once upon a time" as a title doesn't express the half of it. I've watched it over with people just seeing it for the first time,… Continue reading Belle Banishing the Beast (and why she shouldn’t have)

Emphasis on “Historical,” Weak on “Fiction”: The Dante Club and The Blackest Bird

Two summers ago, I read two historical fiction books in pretty close succession, both mysteries, that, while gripping enough in the act of reading, I found less than satisfying afterwards. I was a bit puzzled as to why this was, because one of them, The Dante Club, was written by an author I had previously… Continue reading Emphasis on “Historical,” Weak on “Fiction”: The Dante Club and The Blackest Bird