Judging Spies by Their Covers: The Haunted Bookshop Review

The Haunted Bookshop by Christopher MorleyMy rating: 4 of 5 starsI really loved this book on first read—the atmospheric bookshop, the eccentric proprietor, the silly love-story, and the espionage plot shoe-horned in throughout. What’s not to like? Recently when I was skimming through it in search of a quotation, I got caught on so many… Continue reading Judging Spies by Their Covers: The Haunted Bookshop Review

‘Let us take to ourselves no shame’

Therefore, if we built splendid castles... and pictured beautiful scenes, among the fervid coals of the hearth round which we were clustering, and if all went to rack with the crumbling embers, and have never since arisen out of the ashes, let us take to ourselves no shame. In my own behalf, I rejoice that… Continue reading ‘Let us take to ourselves no shame’

Books that are “Wearin’ of the Green”☘️

Hi, I have failed to post a review yet this week and I am disinclined to do so. But it’s Saint Patrick’s Day and I got inspiration from an Instagram post by fellow blogger Becca @ Words and Other Malarky to do a green themed book shoot. I happen to have an abundance of green… Continue reading Books that are “Wearin’ of the Green”☘️

‘Merely a form of anaesthetic’

For the first time in months he was in reach of a real library, just the kind of scholarly yet miscellaneous library that his restless and impatient spirit craved. He was aware that the books he read... were merely a form of anaesthetic... But they were beginning to produce in him a moral languor that… Continue reading ‘Merely a form of anaesthetic’

‘And so backward and forward’

One official sent her to another, and the other sent her back again to the first, and so backward and forward; until it appeared to me as if both must have been appointed for their skill in evading their duties, instead of performing them. Bleak House by Charles Dickens Bleak House by Charles Dickens, Collector’s… Continue reading ‘And so backward and forward’