‘Too little company’

The truth was, he thought that what newspapers and books referred to as ‘the horrors of solitary confinement’ were grossly exaggerated. He would rather have too little company than too much of the wrong sort. Arthur & George by Julian Barnes Arthur & George by Julian Barnes, Vintage Books 2006, p. 211 There are times… Continue reading ‘Too little company’

A 1920s Delight: The Glimpses of the Moon Review

This book was just what I needed to pick me up from a series of reading disappointments. There haven’t been many new reads I’ve discovered that I really liked instantly and kept me interested and enjoying them all the way through.

“To turn the world upside down”

“[W]e... care not what you set up, so you pull merrily down what stands in our way... for it is our profession to turn the world upside down, and we live ever the blithest life when the downer side is uppermost.”The Monastery by Sir Walter Scott The Monastery by Sir Walter Scott Some days the… Continue reading “To turn the world upside down”

Bookshelf Reorganization: Do it for the aesthetic

I don’t need a job—I make work for myself. If only I could figure out a way to monetize it. For instance, this very week, instead of doing the necessaries around the house, I decided to compile an itemized list of every book on my shelf, its height, type (hard or softcover), whether it had… Continue reading Bookshelf Reorganization: Do it for the aesthetic

‘It seemed to him’

One night as they lay lurking in the fireless dark, Túrin looked on his life, and it seemed to him that it might well be bettered. The Children of Húrin The Children of Húrin by J.R.R. Tolkien I just adore the dry understatement of this epiphany. Although I would deny charges of lurking, I too… Continue reading ‘It seemed to him’

The Wrong Words

The wrong words. They were true a hundred times over, yet they sounded like a lie. Hadn’t he always known it? Words were useless. At times they might sound wonderful, but they let you down the moment you really needed them. You could never find the right words, never, and where would you look for… Continue reading The Wrong Words