Sherlock and Lord Henry Do Not Suffer Fools Gladly

I've already used part of this Henry Wotton quote for another Sherlock meme, but this was a different direction it could be taken. Recently I got discussing the phenomenon of interpersonal relations in the workplace (ironically, with someone whom I had not always gotten along with), and I came out confirmed in my conviction that… Continue reading Sherlock and Lord Henry Do Not Suffer Fools Gladly

The Reappearance of Mrs. Houdini: A Review

Volunteering at my local library, I got to check out all the new books as they came out. I remember when I first laid eyes on this one and singled it out as "of interest," but that category was so full already that I didn't pick it up immediately. Fortunately, it reappeared on my radar… Continue reading The Reappearance of Mrs. Houdini: A Review

On-Line English Literature Discussion: Great Literature

What makes great literature great? What comprises great literature? Why are some works still relevant, while others have been relegated to the studies of period specialists or the perusal of those who enjoy archaic culture? Why do we even study literature? Coming to the end of the material from my first year English on-line literature… Continue reading On-Line English Literature Discussion: Great Literature

Books: The Beautiful and DNF’d

     “I never thought, when I used to read books, what work it was to write them.” [She said.] “It’s work enough to read them sometimes,” I returned. David Copperfield I've been slowly coming to terms with the fact that I will not be able to read every book in the world (along with Jesse… Continue reading Books: The Beautiful and DNF’d

Chasing Rabbits: Black Rabbit Summer and Black Rabbit Hall

Long before I started this blog, I had ideas for posts about books I've read. And here we are three years later and I'm finally finishing this review of two books I read back-to-back in the summer of 2016: Black Rabbit Summer and Black Rabbit Hall. I wanted to do this review/comparison because I thought,… Continue reading Chasing Rabbits: Black Rabbit Summer and Black Rabbit Hall